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Fight Negative Reviews with Google Places

Google is now allowing businesses who have registered with Google Places (formerly Google Local Business Center) to respond to negative reviews that appear with a business listed on Google Maps. This is good news as it allows for dialog enabling businesses to represent themselves. A business owner can now answer their detractor’s complaints (and hopefully […]

Give the user what they are looking for!

Focusing SEO efforts on a website are important aspects toward a well-positioned site on search engine results.  However, if the online game was just about rankings then this approach would prevail – although an additional challenge is to ensure that the presentation of the site to the visitor is very important to the entire goals […]

Google’s Big Update: What Caffeine Means for Your Website

By now you may have heard of Google’s latest update, dubbed “Caffeine.” It’s been on the horizon since the end of last year but now is fully propagated throughout Google’s system. You may have also heard that it can affect your website’s ranking unless you do something to counter that. Well I’m glad to tell […]

Is Your Website All About You?

There are always challenges in assuring that a website is easy to navigate, customer-centric and is appropriately optimized for good keyword visibility.  As relevant copy is a very critical component to a website, when is the last time you actually read the copy to ensure it isn’t egocentric? Do you know someone that is completely […]

Twitter, YouTube and Facebook – Oh My!

Lon Safko: Social Media, The Big Picture This video (click the link above to view) is provided by Lon Safko from a presentation he did going through the topics he covers in his book The Social Media Bible.  While I disagree with some of the things he promotes (advertising inside of the massive online game […]

Looking for leads?

Remember the good old days when the company’s sales staff would attend to conventions, send out direct mail pieces and even cold calls?  Well, some of these practices are certainly being put to use now, but depending upon your product or service, there are other opportunities that don’t cost quite as much and can provide […]

Most Visited Websites Released by Google

Last Friday, before the big Memorial Day weekend, Google released its list of the 1,000 most-visited websites.  Guess who is the #1 website, reaching over 35% of internet users? It shouldn’t be a surprise to any business, Facebook has twice in the last several months seen more visitors than even Google, which is the […]

Times Dissects Facebook’s Privacy Options and it Isn’t Pretty

The New York Times has published a fantastic infographic laying out all the different types of personal information available from your Facebook profile.  Facebook has a history of underhanded policies meant to allow any third party to access a lot of personal information without a user’s knowledge.  There was the whole “Beacon” debacle where things […]

What do you “Like?”

Facebook made an announcement a few weeks ago at a developer conference that has everyone talking – Open Graph API – which is another step toward making the web more social. This social plugin will allow any page on the web to have all the features of a Facebook page – when a user becomes […]

From the Obvious Dept: Inbound Marketing Costs Less

It should come as no big shock that a study has been released that illustrates the cost-effectiveness of inbound marketing channels.  What may not be immediately obvious: Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising are only half the story – social media and blogs are the other two.  That makes it easy to determine […]