Eye Tracking Analytics

Advances in technology have resulted in the development of portable eye-tracking solutions that open up the possibilities of testing outside of a laboratory situation.

Eye-tracking is a technique complementary to observed website usability testing that we use to determine where people are looking when they visit your website. Hardware and software tools track the movements of each test participant’s eyes and record pupil movement while looking at a particular feature or function of your website or an individual visual element on a page.

Benefits of Eye Tracking Studies

Eye-tracking studies make it possible to see exactly where people look for specific information about an item for purchase, how they compare different items, and where they look to navigate to the shopping cart or other areas of the site.

Eye-tracking studies can show if a majority of your website users are missing critical information that is necessary for conversions. With this information, you can then test new ways and locations of displaying this critical information.

How Eye Tracking Studies Work

During our eye tracking studies, a person’s point of gaze is recorded captured on a video recording showing how they interact with your website, enabling you to see the interface through the eyes of a user. Combining eye-tracking studies with observed usability testing objectively indicates where users have difficulty locating information, if they miss critical information, or have trouble navigating.

After the eye tracking studies are complete, you’ll be given eye-tracking heat maps that graphically illustrate patterns of eye movement from several participants. You’ll also receive individual session maps showing where each test participant looked on a particular page.

To learn more about eye tracking studies or to arrange an Eye-Tracking Study of your website, please contact us at 321-251-6528.