Email Marketing

Email marketing offers you a distinctive means to cultivate important relationships and build trust with your customers. Though most companies understand that it costs far less to retain a customer than to convert a new one, many are not taking measures to foster these relationships and drive repeat sales.

Generate Repeat Sales with Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven method of retaining your existing customer base and generating repeat sales from a warm audience. CloudBurst Consulting can help you collect the necessary information needed to grow, segment, and effectively market to your email subscriber base.

Through email marketing campaigns, you have the unique opportunity to foster ongoing relationships and reinforce your brand. Most Internet marketing experts agree that an email list is one of the greatest assets that any company can own, and that a well-planned email marketing strategy can generate a staggering number of sales.

Email ROI Testing

CloudBurst Consulting designs, manages, executes, and reports on email marketing campaigns tailored for your business. Additionally, we use A/B testing to ensure effectiveness and maximize the ROI of your email marketing campaign.

To learn how your business can grow through email marketing, please contact us at 321-251-6528.