Give the user what they are looking for!

Focusing SEO efforts on a website are important aspects toward a well-positioned site on search engine results.  However, if the online game was just about rankings then this approach would prevail – although an additional challenge is to ensure that the presentation of the site to the visitor is very important to the entire goals of online success.  User experience is critical and goes hand in hand with all the efforts that take place within search engine marketing. In other words, it is a balancing act!

If we spend our efforts driving traffic to the site but neglect the user experience, the external marketing efforts will not translate to the overall goals.  Therefore, it is imperative to do the research and have a clear understanding what your audience wants to do once they arrive at the website. If the copy on the site isn’t engaging, the site loads slow due to heavy graphics, etc., it will not only hurt your onsite SEO efforts but also turn off the visitor. 

Would you prepare a pot roast dinner for your guests without inquiring as to whether or not they all eat meat?  The same can be said with the presentation of your website – it’s all about a great experience so, if your target market doesn’t like meat, then don’t serve it!

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