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Word-of-Mouth … It’s a Good Thing!

Don’t be afraid that you might lose control of your brand when consumers talk about you and spread their messages via social media channels.  Most conversations regarding brands (both online and offline) are positive.  The Keller Fay Group did an interesting study of hundreds of thousands of conversations and found that about two-thirds of word-of-mouth […]

Looking for a Deal?

If you are, you might want to head on over to some of your favorite stores/companies on Facebook.  As of November 3rd, Facebook announce a major effort to get masses of people involved when they announced “Facebook Deals.”  If you have a smartphone (600 million people do), the Deals allow local businesses to create coupon […]

Are you failing in the social realm?

What’s that famous phrase that Bill Clinton used?  Oh yes, “It’s the economy, stupid!”  Well, we can easily update that quote to 2010 by revising one word … It’s the community, stupid!  Yes, in today’s online, interconnected world, it’s all about community.   It’s not a good idea to approach social media by asking for favors […]

Are You Branded?

It’s no surprise, but just because your company has a website and is “wired,” doesn’t mean that the company is well branded.  Search engine optimization has taken on numerous definitions over the past ten years, especially with social media now in the mix.  So for all the services that SEO supports, we can’t forget that […]

Is Your Company “Social?”

It is common knowledge that publishing a blog offers great opportunities for direct communication helping to inform people that might know nothing about the company and reaching current customers on a one-to-one basis. A single blog can be beneficial to an organization, but did you know that Google has 150 blogs that is attracting a total of 10 […]

Relationship Building 101

Consider this … If you met someone at a business function and wanted to build that relationship for the benefit of both parties, would you just send them an email saying it was a pleasure to meet them?  No!  You’d probably continue to follow up with that prospect knowing that they showed an interest in […]

Give the user what they are looking for!

Focusing SEO efforts on a website are important aspects toward a well-positioned site on search engine results.  However, if the online game was just about rankings then this approach would prevail – although an additional challenge is to ensure that the presentation of the site to the visitor is very important to the entire goals […]

Is Your Website All About You?

There are always challenges in assuring that a website is easy to navigate, customer-centric and is appropriately optimized for good keyword visibility.  As relevant copy is a very critical component to a website, when is the last time you actually read the copy to ensure it isn’t egocentric? Do you know someone that is completely […]

Looking for leads?

Remember the good old days when the company’s sales staff would attend to conventions, send out direct mail pieces and even cold calls?  Well, some of these practices are certainly being put to use now, but depending upon your product or service, there are other opportunities that don’t cost quite as much and can provide […]

What do you “Like?”

Facebook made an announcement a few weeks ago at a developer conference that has everyone talking – Open Graph API – which is another step toward making the web more social. This social plugin will allow any page on the web to have all the features of a Facebook page – when a user becomes […]