There are hundreds of factors at play in determining where your website will rank in the search engine results. One of the most fundamental pieces of the puzzle is the design and development of your website. Without a search engine optimized (SEO) code foundation and SEO web design, your entire search engine positioning strategy may be in jeopardy. Unfortunately, a pure emphasis on SEO web design doesn’t always provide the most engaging site for a real human being to visit.

CloudBurst Consulting believes that websites must be designed with both real people and search engines in mind. Our balanced hybrid approach to SEO web design and development doesn’t rule out the use of Flash or video elements, but rather requires them to work in tandem with search engine optimized content on the site in a way that provides maximum search engine spidering and impact for human beings.

Developed and refined over thirteen years, CloudBurst Consulting’s five-step SEO website development and design process provides a robust project management roadmap and ensures that key stakeholders remain involved and engaged.

Most importantly, our SEO website design process combines user-centered design with technical and task-based requirements to achieve maximum user-friendliness and search engine visibility.

CloudBurst Consulting’s approach to designing websites is a five-step process. Learn more about each step of our SEO website development and SEO web design process:

  • Define Project
  • Develop Structure
  • Interface Design
  • Build and Integrate
  • Deliver and Launch