Observed User Testing

CloudBurst Consulting’s observed website usability testing sessions review the performance and user-friendliness of your existing website and compare usability metrics with your competitors’ sites. We recruit test participants that are representative of your target audience to ensure a good psychographic and demographic fit, and to reflect real-life situations.

Benefits of Website Usability Testing

The observed website usability testing process helps us understand the goals that real people have when using your website, and how well – or otherwise – your existing structure and interface helps people find what they’re looking for.

Whether re-designing an existing website or working on a new site, observed website usability testing can be used in conjunction with wireframe models and prototypes to test hypotheses about site structure, navigation and layout.

Website usability testing on a new site that is still in the design phase ultimately provides a “reality check” for the SEO web design team, and ensures that the final solution is user-friendly when it launches, with no embarrassing (and costly) functional issues to repair.

Observed Website Usability Testing Process

As part of the observed website usability testing process, we ask test participants to complete common tasks such as:

  • Finding a product
  • Completing a transaction
  • Making a reservation
  • Completing a form

During the observed website usability testing process, we identify any difficulties that stood in the way of the user completing the assigned task. We also document any unanswered questions and hesitations they had along the way. These roadblocks might at first appear to be minor, but collectively impair your website’s user-friendliness and lower your conversion ratios.

Observed website usability testing can be conducted at your site, at an external facility, or remotely using special software that records each participant’s computer screen in synch with an interview conducted via telephone.

To learn more about observed website usability testing or to schedule a usability audit of your website, please contact us at 321-251-6528.