Build and Integrate

Once you are happy with the look and feel of your new search engine optimized website, the visual templates are given to the development team.

The CloudBurst SEO Website Development Design Team

Our SEO website development and SEO web design team is responsible for building your site according to the specifications documented in the wireframe models. This process includes everything from establishing the web server file structure and file naming conventions, to slicing and optimizing graphics, creating XHTML and CSS templates and pages, implementing any client or server-side scripting and programming to achieve specific functionality, generating web pages, populating them with the textual and pictorial content, and integrating any back-end databases or third-party tools.

Quality Testing

Upon completion of the first build, the SEO website development design specialist reviews the quality assurance plan and, along with other members of our team, conducts QA testing. This almost always highlights some “bugs” which are recorded in an online bug-tracking tool. These bugs are then prioritized and fixed by the developer. In addition to smoothing out any bugs issues, the review process enables us to see that search engine optimization tactics have been applied correctly.

Upon completion of the amendments, the process is repeated until no significant issues remain. You then review the completed, ready-to-launch search engine optimized website.