Is Your Website All About You?

There are always challenges in assuring that a website is easy to navigate, customer-centric and is appropriately optimized for good keyword visibility.  As relevant copy is a very critical component to a website, when is the last time you actually read the copy to ensure it isn’t egocentric?

Do you know someone that is completely self-absorbed and no matter how hard you try, every topic leads back to them?  Well, is the copy on your website focused more about the company rather than solving a customer’s problem? 

Instead of addressing the benefits of a product or assisting potential customers in solving their problems, a narcissistic site can be focused on a company’s great offerings, superior manufacturing techniques, how great their people are or their offices, etc.  (you get the picture).  Let’s not forget that this information is really secondary to a customer’s issues.

Because most visitors have an attention span of a few seconds and will scan copy rather than reading every word, an egocentric site can basically turn people off.   So check out your site and be sure that it’s oriented to the benefit of your customers!

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