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Looking for a Deal?

If you are, you might want to head on over to some of your favorite stores/companies on Facebook.  As of November 3rd, Facebook announce a major effort to get masses of people involved when they announced “Facebook Deals.”  If you have a smartphone (600 million people do), the Deals allow local businesses to create coupon […]

Google Places – A New Way to Find Local Businesses

Google decided earlier this week to change the way it provides local business listings.  When searching for local business info, previously you would have seen this: You got a little map with a list of nearby local businesses matching your search.  Since this map consistently showed up above regular search results, some businesses could rank […]

Are you failing in the social realm?

What’s that famous phrase that Bill Clinton used?  Oh yes, “It’s the economy, stupid!”  Well, we can easily update that quote to 2010 by revising one word … It’s the community, stupid!  Yes, in today’s online, interconnected world, it’s all about community.   It’s not a good idea to approach social media by asking for favors […]

Friday Tips: How Search Engines Work & Getting Your News on Google

If they still seem somewhat of a mystery, I recommend the “How Internet Search Engines Work” article over at  Although the engines deliberately keep some parts of their operation secret, the basics of how they work are public knowledge.  And some of this information can be used to determine how search engine-friendly your website […]

Are You Branded?

It’s no surprise, but just because your company has a website and is “wired,” doesn’t mean that the company is well branded.  Search engine optimization has taken on numerous definitions over the past ten years, especially with social media now in the mix.  So for all the services that SEO supports, we can’t forget that […]

Google’s Instant, 2 Weeks In

We haven’t put out a reaction to Google Instant, that has some in our industry pulling their hair out and others sitting back and laughing.  Some think it’s the death of SEO while others think it will be ultimately discarded as a failed experiment.  The reality is somewhere in between.  Until it’s been around for […]

Is Your Company “Social?”

It is common knowledge that publishing a blog offers great opportunities for direct communication helping to inform people that might know nothing about the company and reaching current customers on a one-to-one basis. A single blog can be beneficial to an organization, but did you know that Google has 150 blogs that is attracting a total of 10 […]

It’s Official: Yahoo Search Results Switched over to Bing

As of yesterday, Yahoo has completed the switch over to Bing’s search engine results.  This completes part of a larger process that was started last year when Microsoft inked a deal with Yahoo to power their regular search results (paid/sponsored results are not moved, yet).  What does this mean for your website?  Well, one less […]

Tweet This

Twitter became even more ubiquitous on the web with its launch of a “Tweet” button earlier this month, that can be placed on any web page. If you come across a news article you want to share on Twitter, simply click the “Tweet” button, assuming the author has provided it, and a pop-up window is […]

Relationship Building 101

Consider this … If you met someone at a business function and wanted to build that relationship for the benefit of both parties, would you just send them an email saying it was a pleasure to meet them?  No!  You’d probably continue to follow up with that prospect knowing that they showed an interest in […]