Online Video

People are abandoning their TVs and going online. Does your marketing campaign include powerful Internet video marketing to reflect that?

According to a recent ChangeWave study, baby boomers now spend an average of 12.9 hours/week watching videos online and only 11.8 hours watching TV. When asked what kind of paid service they’d be willing to give up, 44% said their TVs while only 5% said their Internet service. That’s right…we’re watching more videos online, and this will only increase. Since the explosion of services like YouTube, individuals and businesses of all sizes now have the opportunity to promote themselves more dynamically than ever before.

Successfully incorporating online video into your marketing strategy requires online video production that will grab the viewer’s attention and be engaging in order to get them thinking about the value your company provides.

Get Found Easily in the Search Results

Search engines like Google no longer focus purely on written content. Dubbed “Universal Search,” images and videos are displayed in the main results pages. If your business doesn’t offer content in these mediums, you could be missing out. Integrating videos into your online marketing strategy can be an essential factor in your business success.

In order to be considered for inclusion in these search results, it’s important to have a professional online video production as well as an effective strategy that’s built for the search engine rules of today.

An Internet Video Marketing Strategy That’s Right for Your Business

YouTube, Vimeo, documentaries, comedic advertisements, contests…if you haven’t had a chance to learn what works in your industry and what doesn’t, creating an effective strategy for your business can be almost impossible. That’s why you need experienced Internet video marketing professionals who can help you create a strategy to meet your needs and those of your audience.

Get Expert Internet Video Marketing Guidance From Start to Finish

CloudBurst Consulting works directly with you from the initial concept, through online video production, to the analysis of the program’s success to ensure you get the most from your Internet video marketing. Our experts will help you find the perfect idea, produce great videos, distribute them where they need to go, and optimize them to ensure your videos grab attention of your target audience and the search engines.

Contact the Internet video marketing specialists at CloudBurst Consulting, and discover just how effective online video production and optimization can be.