Optimized Press Releases

Does your website need to rank higher for search results? Do you need to get information out where the media and consumers are looking online?

We have the solution! Optimized Press Releases can help enhance your website for better search phrase positioning with the benefit of full reporting including where the release was distributed, the number of times it was read, printed and more.

Search engine optimized press releases can reach millions of Internet users within several days of distribution!


  • Instant visibility of your company’s important new information in Google News, Yahoo News, as well as blogs and websites that syndicate news
  • Create high-quality, one-way backlinks from reputable news sources
  • Establish higher rankings for relevant keyword phrases
  • Increase credibility by including your SEO press releases in a “press” section of your website
  • Enhance brand awareness
  • Cost effective

Why Search Engine Optimized Press Releases?

Many traditional press release distributors do not offer any search engine optimization benefits. Unless a press release is optimized, it may never appear when your potential clients search for your target keywords. CloudBurst Consulting distributes to several locations that are hand-selected for their search engine optimization benefits.

Not only do SEO press releases tell the world about the latest happenings in your company, they can also be a powerful way to build quality backlinks that help your website rank higher in the search engines for your keywords.

Search Engine Optimized Press Releases as Marketing Tools

Most consumers today turn to the Internet for news and information. In the past, press releases were used to alert the media about your company. Today, SEO press releases can be visible to both the media and the end consumer. By distributing search engine optimized press releases through mass media news sites, you can now reach a huge population of your target audience instantly.

To explore how your press releases can be more effective, please contact us.