Define Project

In the first phase of our SEO website development process, we work closely with you to learn about your target audience, your industry, your competitive strengths and points of differentiation.

Analyzing Your Target Market

Often, this is an ideal opportunity to learn about your target audience by conducting observed usability testing sessions. Similar to focus group research, usability testing can uncover user motivations, identify the kinds of features and functions that your site needs to have in order to beat the competition, and the kinds of keywords and phrases that real people use when searching for information about your product or service. Analysis of your target market is essential in the SEO web design process to ensure that your website is not only attractive to search engines, but also to visitors.

Establishing Website Requirements

We use this discovery process to develop high-level functional requirements as a guideline throughout the SEO website development and SEO web design process. Based on conversations with you, we summarize the goals and objectives of the re-design in a Creative Brief.

Creating a Project Plan

We use the information we gather during the discovery phase to create a project plan, set a budget, and assign specific tasks to members of SEO website development and SEO web design teams. This process usually includes setting up a special secure website where you can review visuals and draft copy for the new website and check the progress of the project whenever you wish. We also establish a quality assurance (QA) test plan at this point.