Web Audit

  • Is your website visible on major search engines?
  • Are you making good use of relevant keyword phrases in your copy?
  • Is your target market finding your website?
  • Do search engine spiders understand the relevancy of your site?

A Web Audit Can Reveal Ways to Drastically Improve Your Website’s Effectiveness

The foundation of a successful online presence is ensuring that your website is correctly presented and designed for two visitors – your prospective clients and search engine spiders. A web audit can often reveal a number of simple, fast changes you can make to your website to greatly improve its effectiveness.

What is a web audit?

A web audit provides an in-depth evaluation and analysis of your website taking into consideration both the technical and design aspects with the goal of improving search engine rankings.

Your web audit includes:

  • Analysis of your website’s objectives
  • Analysis of the visual design and layout from user and search engine standpoints
  • Evaluation of compliance and accessibility issues
  • Review and evaluation of website’s statistics to create a baseline for improvement

After the web audit, you will be given a list of action items for improving key areas of your website that will produce better search engine rankings, drive more qualified traffic to your site, and convert more visitors to customers.

To better understand how a Web Audit could benefit your website, please contact us.