Localized Search Marketing

For any local business to be successful, marketing at a local level is the key!

Back in October 2010, due to the shift and growth in local search commerce by consumers and advertisers, Google began more aggressively serving local results. Because of this, advertisers in turn have increased their local marketing investment. Just in the past year, it was forecast that local advertising would grow to reach $19.9 billion.

Accordingly to Google, over ninety-seven percent of consumers search for local business online.

Through Google Places for businesses, the search giant enables brands to ensure local visibility free of charge. Yahoo Local and Bing Local offer similar complimentary listings, and these go a long way toward helping businesses reach potential local customers.

Once a client’s basic listings have been claimed and verified, CloudBurst Consulting will optimize the listings based on location, business names and categories, custom fields, and business descriptions, as well as by publishing and optimizing photos and videos of each location.

Taking the time to properly optimize these listings won’t just help your brand’s physical locations become more visible on the SERPs; it also helps brands put a friendly face on each location and boost the odds of creating true local engagement with customers.