Interface Design

Websites are fast becoming more like desktop software programs with advanced features and functionality that weren’t technically possible just a few short years ago. For this reason, it’s important to make your new search engine optimized website both visually appealing and highly usable in order to attract, engage, and ultimately convert visitors into leads.

Developing Design Comps

Before starting to design the look and feel of a website, our SEO web design experts review the wireframes and content outlines along with the Creative Brief to ensure that visuals will work in harmony with the user-centered pathways and tasks that we identified in the previous step. The SEO web design specialist develops visual concepts, expressed as “comps.” These comps are shared with you to provide feedback about your impressions of the design direction.

Website Prototypes

Depending on the functionality of the website, we might also develop a simple prototype comprised of two or three mocked-up pages to help you visualize the flow from one page or section to another. These mockups also work to ensure that key functional requirements have been successfully integrated into the SEO web design.