Social Media Marketing

Build Your Social Relationships

Social media is very different from typical marketing or adverting in that it’s not immediate. Rather, it’s about building relationships and providing relevance and value to your audience. The success stems from the creation and engagement of the online experiences by connecting your target market to your business.

If your company is considering the social platform, then it is important to have a social strategy and a business strategy prior to taking the plunge. The next consideration is are you equipped to deliver social media management, collaboration, analytics and content scheduling capabilities that are required to make social programs effective and profitable?

Search Engines and the Importance of Social Signals

Did you also know that major search engines use link popularity in their ranking algorithms? Google uses “social signals” as one of its most important factors in ranking sites. Increasing the amount of quality inbound links to a website makes the site appear more important and more relevant to search engines resulting in higher positions. Social media is so intertwined with search engine optimization that you can’t separate them.

Social Media Management

Although social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube are free to set up, the time to maintain an on-going and engaging presence takes time and resources. CloudBurst Consulting can assist you with creating your social strategy and develop solutions that make sense for your company. We can set up your company’s social media sites or optimize existing accounts as well as provide social media management which includes updating the channels with content on a regular basis including photos and videos, monitoring the channels, responding to posts and providing performance reporting. Depending upon the social platform, we can also conduct contests or promotional campaigns for your company.

Contact us contact us to learn how you can successfully engage your company in the social media environment.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it?” ― Erik Qualman