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Friday Tips: How Search Engines Work & Getting Your News on Google

If they still seem somewhat of a mystery, I recommend the “How Internet Search Engines Work” article over at  Although the engines deliberately keep some parts of their operation secret, the basics of how they work are public knowledge.  And some of this information can be used to determine how search engine-friendly your website […]

Google’s Instant, 2 Weeks In

We haven’t put out a reaction to Google Instant, that has some in our industry pulling their hair out and others sitting back and laughing.  Some think it’s the death of SEO while others think it will be ultimately discarded as a failed experiment.  The reality is somewhere in between.  Until it’s been around for […]

Google’s Big Update: What Caffeine Means for Your Website

By now you may have heard of Google’s latest update, dubbed “Caffeine.” It’s been on the horizon since the end of last year but now is fully propagated throughout Google’s system. You may have also heard that it can affect your website’s ranking unless you do something to counter that. Well I’m glad to tell […]

Twitter Finally Reveals Advertising Model

Twitter has finally announced how it plans to make money.  It seems to be in the form of paid ads that exist at the top of Twitter search results.  Only one ad will be displayed per search, and not 10 like on Google and Yahoo search result pages.  It’s called Promoted Tweets.  There’s a nice […]

Google Gives Chairman Mau the Bird

As posted in a lot of other places, Google has very publicly announced that it is no longer censoring Google searches in China and is prepared to leave the country if the Chinese government doesn’t like it. Most people in the US seem to be hailing the move as a victory in human rights in […]

Microsoft Owns Yahoo, err, Search

After years of speculation and actual talks between the companies, Yahoo is going to give up its organic search business and allow Microsoft to power their natural search results.  Specifically Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will power all of the natural search results on Over the next 2 and a half years Yahoo’s search […]

Blind Search "Taste" Test

Blind Search “Taste” Test Almost everyone has heard of the famous Pepsi Challenge – blind taste tests in which the company consistently scored higher than Coca Cola, and which were a significant part of Pepsi’s marketing at one time. Well this concept has been applied to search engines, specifically showing “naked” search results from Yahoo, […]

Who has $80 million to $100 million to spend on an Ad Campaign?

Well, if you want to win market share as a revamped search engine, the answer would be Microsoft’s promotion of Bing! The question now is, what search engine is so good and has more meaningful features that you would actually not use Google?  And, with Google having almost a 70% market share of the search […]

Free Customer Intelligence for Your Business

Google has launched its next version of its Local Business Center (LBC), the place where you can “claim” ownership of your business listing on Google searches (both for the organic listings and the maps listings).  Now you can do more than just specify your hours of operation and accepted payment methods.  You can now get […]

Ads are Alive and Well – Who Knew!

I can’t remember the last time I responded to display advertising on ad-supported websites, so I assumed that I was in the majority. Wrong! Forrester Consulting conducted a study from iProspect indicating that more than half of Internet users (52%) not only responded to display advertising on websites showing ads, but as many initially responded […]