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Big Updates from Google: Caffeine Launch and Load Time Tools

Earlier this year we commented on an upcoming update to Google’s rules for ranking websites codenamed “Caffeine.” This update actually changes how Google analyzes web pages significantly but current rankings, for the most part, should remain stable per our tests in the Developer Preview. Google is now launching Caffeine starting with 1 data center by […]

Clean Out Your Twitter Nest

One of my favorite blogs is Erin Doland’s Being very particular about cleanliness and neatness (more the latter than the former), I find great tips I can put to use keeping my work, personal and online lives nicely organized.  It also helps me to feel a little more sane when I read about how […]

Ego Surfing Made Easier

Last week Google added what it’s calling People Profiles to search results. Now you can create a central identity with relevant contact and other info with Google. This is in addition to other profiles you may already have created on Google services like Blogger, Google Reader or Picasa etc… And in fact this central profile […]

The French and Their Assumptions About Keywords

Vanessa Fox, the Features Editor over at search engine land, has a great post up about audience analysis as it relates to keyword research.  It seems an entire town in France is going to be changing its name because their website doesn’t come up at all when users search on that term.  Trouble is, it […]

The PageRank Shuffle

PageRank: the name of Google’s system of assessing every web page a score, from 0-10, indicating that page’s importance.  Any score is good, and only sites like Wikipedia and CNN are unable to attain a 9/10 or 10/10.  So unlike with most other scales, a 5/10 or a 6/10 is very good. A particular web […]

Google Releases More Keyword Data with New Tool

Google has released a new tool allowing for even more exploration of specific keyword information.  Google Insights for Search allows users to see search volume, seasonality, geographic distribution and much more for specific keyword phrases going back as far as 2004.  For anyone who’s ever needed to know weather it’s better to target one phrase […]