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One of my favorite blogs is Erin Doland’s Being very particular about cleanliness and neatness (more the latter than the former), I find great tips I can put to use keeping my work, personal and online lives nicely organized.  It also helps me to feel a little more sane when I read about how much more obsessed she is than even myself.

With the eruption of Twitter’s popularity I now regularly encounter spam followers.  While it’s pretty easy to keep the spam tweets/posts out of the way, since by default you only see messages from the people you’re following, it’s not as easy to ignore spam profiles. Because of their craftiness and lack of transparency, it’s sometimes difficult to know if a new follower is someone you actually met before and forgot or if they just want you to sell you something.

Ms. Doland’s new service, Nest Unclutterer, is designed specifically to help sort the wheat from the chaff (sorry, old farmer’s adage from  my rural Minnesota upbringing).  Using rules-based logic, the tool scans your followers list for people that are most likely just spammers and prompts you to block them.  You can also create a “white list” of followers that should never be blocked.

It’s Twitter simple, easy and uncluttered.

The existence of Twitter spam and tools like Nest Unclutterer just underscore the importance of making sure that you’re not abusing these new channels of communication for your brand or services.  It’s important, perhaps now more than ever, to have relevant advertising that speaks to your consumer’s needs and engages them.  All of the popular social networking tools are less tools for broadcasting messages than they are for having conversations and providing something of value.

Web user’s are becoming more savvy every day and it won’t be long before “spammy” techniques are marginalized to the point of obsolescence.  Especially on social networks that users already consider more personal than other mediums.

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