The PageRank Shuffle

Happy Websites, Sharing PageRank

Happy Websites, Sharing PageRank

PageRank: the name of Google’s system of assessing every web page a score, from 0-10, indicating that page’s importance.  Any score is good, and only sites like Wikipedia and CNN are unable to attain a 9/10 or 10/10.  So unlike with most other scales, a 5/10 or a 6/10 is very good.

A particular web page’s PageRank score has a lot to do with how many other websites link to it, and what the PageRank of those websites are.  The more high-quality websites that link back to yours, the higher your PageRank can be.

Do you know what your website’s PageRank is?  The Google Toolbar is a tool you can add to your website browser that displays the PageRank of every web page visited.

If you noticed your PageRank dropped this week for no apparent reason, don’t worry, Google is aware of the issue and it seems to be a side effect of some changes to their database.  According to one Google representative, things should be back to normal soon.

If you didn’t like what your PageRank was in the first place, there are proven methods to help increase a website’s PageRank.

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