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Social Networking – Do you need more proof?

Remember the good old days when people would ask if your business had a website … the answer would often be “no, we don’t need one.” Flash forward … now the question is, “Does your company participate in social networking?”  Most of the time the answer is the same “no” along with “we don’t understand […]

Insurance Agents Get Results on Facebook – What Every Company Can Learn

State Farm agents have been using and testing Facebook for over a year now. They’re gotten to where they now understand the most effective ways to engage their audience on that platform and rolled out Facebook training throughout their whole organization. What did they learn and are now asking all of their agents to apply? […]

Who’s Tweeting? … Fortune 500

According to a recent study from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center For Marketing Research, Fortune 500 companies increased their involvement of public blogs from 15% in 2008 to 22% in 2009.  That is a significant increase and a more interesting figure is that 35% have a Twitter account with four out of the top […]

How to Manage a Social Media Presence

With the mainstream media constantly name-dropping facebook and twitter, you’d think that it’d be a no-brainer for every business to get themselves setup on them and start seeing the dollars roll in. The trouble is, there isn’t often a direct approach to measuring success on these networks. Like what was promised to Kevin Costner long […]

Twitter: Car 54, Where Are You?

Twitter announced recently that it is adding “location services” to its micro-blogging service.  This means that users will soon be able to (optionally) enable their twitter posts (or “tweets”) to include the location they’re sending the message from. For instance if I am travelling in the Andes mountains with my iPhone (and I somehow magically […]

Ego Surfing Made Easier

Last week Google added what it’s calling People Profiles to search results. Now you can create a central identity with relevant contact and other info with Google. This is in addition to other profiles you may already have created on Google services like Blogger, Google Reader or Picasa etc… And in fact this central profile […]

Join Now!

Are you a member of a social network community or blog?  Well, just a thought, but it might be worthwhile to pay close attention to how social networking is continuing to change not only the global online landscape but the consumer’s experience as well. Nielsen Online recently conducted some research that indicated more than “two-thirds […]