Social Networking – Do you need more proof?

Remember the good old days when people would ask if your business had a website … the answer would often be “no, we don’t need one.”

Flash forward … now the question is, “Does your company participate in social networking?”  Most of the time the answer is the same “no” along with “we don’t understand the benefit of social marketing nor do we have the time or resources to participate – people can just go to our website for information.” 
So let’s see if the following information might serve to give people proof that social networks are here to stay:  Marketers haven’t stopped talking about a recent ComScore report that gave us a new appreciation for how people are finding information.  Google, of course, was #1 for the month of February and YouTube ranked #2 with Yahoo coming in at #3.  Facebook and MySpace had an interesting showing of 18th and 19th place – what does all this mean?

People are participating and finding the information they seek from their peers (who they trust) in social network communities.  So how do companies compete for people’s attention in this new environment?  Get involved: It is important to ensure that a company’s information/message/promotion, etc. can be a part of relevant social communities in order to create a road back to their website. 

A recent study conducted by gigya is extremely compelling when observing that some of the top media properties were already seeing a dominant increase in referral traffic from social networks.

Get your customers attention and make it easy for them to talk about, engage and
become an advocate for your company – use social marketing opportunities so those
conversations can take place.

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