Insurance Agents Get Results on Facebook – What Every Company Can Learn

State Farm agents have been using and testing Facebook for over a year now. They’re gotten to where they now understand the most effective ways to engage their audience on that platform and rolled out Facebook training throughout their whole organization. What did they learn and are now asking all of their agents to apply?

  • Facebook is not the place for direct sales tactics
  • Engage your current clients through Facebook through regular updates of info that would be genuinely useful
  • Be an expert resource: post helpful tips and answering user questions (even if they’re not your client)
  • Be available: continue to monitor and update your Facebook Page’s feed regularly (can’t just “set it and forget it”)

One great example mentioned in the article had to do with the increased amount of activity due to the recent snow storms in the Eastern US.  Many of the people affected by those storms had issues they’d never had to deal with before.  Local State Farm agents posted info on Facebook about ways to minimize damage and protect homes against an unusually high amount of snow and ice.  Some agents even received phone calls from people that weren’t even their clients (yet), proving that providing helpful info can position a company as the expert;  more available and useful than their current providers.

In related news, Facebook beat Google again last week: it surpassed the search giant to become the number-one visited website in the United States.  It’s clear: your customers and potential customers are using Facebook – are you?

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