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It’s Official: Yahoo Search Results Switched over to Bing

As of yesterday, Yahoo has completed the switch over to Bing’s search engine results.  This completes part of a larger process that was started last year when Microsoft inked a deal with Yahoo to power their regular search results (paid/sponsored results are not moved, yet).  What does this mean for your website?  Well, one less […]

Microsoft Owns Yahoo, err, Search

After years of speculation and actual talks between the companies, Yahoo is going to give up its organic search business and allow Microsoft to power their natural search results.  Specifically Microsoft’s new Bing search engine will power all of the natural search results on Over the next 2 and a half years Yahoo’s search […]

Blind Search "Taste" Test

Blind Search “Taste” Test Almost everyone has heard of the famous Pepsi Challenge – blind taste tests in which the company consistently scored higher than Coca Cola, and which were a significant part of Pepsi’s marketing at one time. Well this concept has been applied to search engines, specifically showing “naked” search results from Yahoo, […]

New Duplicate Web Pages Fix

Google, Yahoo and MSN yesterday unveiled a new way for website’s to specify which pages are your “main” or “original” ones.  This goes a long way towards helping prevent the dilution of backlinks to a website. For example, if you work for the Tourism Board of Mars and have the following page on your website, […]