It’s Official: Yahoo Search Results Switched over to Bing

As of yesterday, Yahoo has completed the switch over to Bing’s search engine results.  This completes part of a larger process that was started last year when Microsoft inked a deal with Yahoo to power their regular search results (paid/sponsored results are not moved, yet).  What does this mean for your website?  Well, one less search engine to worry about.  This makes Google and Microsoft effectively the only search engines you need to worry about for search engine optimization.  Yahoo has some nice webmaster tools, however, and I hope Bing has equally useful ones as they have in the past.

Potentially bad news for Yahoo in the long run.  Once Bing takes over the sponsored/paid results, Yahoo has to rely on its own properties (News, Ymail etc…) to differentiate itself in the market.  Some feel that this is the beginning of the end of Yahoo’s competition in the market, perhaps eventually relegating them to similar also-ran status of AOL.

Is your website ranking well on Bing already?  If not then you definitely want to start getting serious about showing up high on their search engine, because the same rules that apply to appearing on now apply to showing up in searches at


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