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Google's (Inter)Stellar Update: Orion

Google very recently implemented a set of updates to how its search engine works.  It involves some very advanced technology that detects the relationships between phrases and website pages.  As advanced as we may think computers are, they still can’t really understand the meaning behind words entered into a search box, referred to in the […]

New Duplicate Web Pages Fix

Google, Yahoo and MSN yesterday unveiled a new way for website’s to specify which pages are your “main” or “original” ones.  This goes a long way towards helping prevent the dilution of backlinks to a website. For example, if you work for the Tourism Board of Mars and have the following page on your website, […]

The PageRank Shuffle

PageRank: the name of Google’s system of assessing every web page a score, from 0-10, indicating that page’s importance.  Any score is good, and only sites like Wikipedia and CNN are unable to attain a 9/10 or 10/10.  So unlike with most other scales, a 5/10 or a 6/10 is very good. A particular web […]

Total Connectivity?

One of the most fascinating and anticipated conventions of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Interestingly enough, the Associated Press commented that “absolutely every device in our lives is becoming a computer connected to the Internet.” Manufacturers are looking to embed computer chips with Internet connections into more and more unusual […]

New PDF Optimization Capabilities

Google made an announcement last week that they are now able to (mostly) read text in PDF files.  What does this mean, you ask?  Google already indexes PDF files!  Yes, but before they had to be PDF versions of  files that were digital to begin with (like Word documents).  Now, however, any document that’s been […]

MarketingVox: CMO Ad Budgets Shrink, $$ Shifts to Digital

From MarketingVox: Two-thirds (65 percent) of CMOs and marketing execs say their ad budgets will decrease because of the troubled economy, but more of their money will go toward digital/interactive marketing than before, according to a survey (pdf) from Epsilon, writes MarketingCharts. Roughly the same percentage (63 percent) of the 175 CMOs and marketing execs […]

Google Changes the Rules on Dynamic URLs

Google claims to have made progress with their algorithm’s ability to crawl, understand and index web pages with dynamic URLs.  In the past Google, and most search engines, have had difficulty crawling and indexing pages on the Web with dynamic URLs so the recommendation from an SEO standpoint has long been to use what’s called […]

Google Launches Own Satellite with Geo-Eye

Google’s satellite, a proprietary satellite launched with Geo-Eye, has entered orbit.  It’s apparently not the most advanced but will be merging its imagery with other satellite imagery to create single high-resolution images through a process referred to as “pan-sharpening.” More on the deal here. You may be thinking ‘wow, there’s got to be a lot […]

Chrome, Google's Upcoming Browser

Google’s Comic about its Chrome browser by Scott McCloud Google announced the existence of its new open source project: a web browser, dubbed Chrome, to compete with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera (and whatever else people are using to view the web these days).  It’s a crowded market and despite being Google, they’ll have […]

CloudBurst in the Golden State

Have you ever been to Sonoma County, California? Adrian hasn’t but because he is becoming such a popular speaker on Internet marketing he was just invited to speak at the Sonoma County Tourism Bureau‘s annual Trends in Tourism event on May 15th, 2008. This will be his second visit to the Golden State since his […]