Google Launches Own Satellite with Geo-Eye


Google Earth Satellite Geo Eye

Google’s satellite, a proprietary satellite launched with Geo-Eye, has entered orbit.  It’s apparently not the most advanced but will be merging its imagery with other satellite imagery to create single high-resolution images through a process referred to as “pan-sharpening.”

More on the deal here.

You may be thinking ‘wow, there’s got to be a lot of satellites orbiting the Earth now’ and you’re right.  In fact, using Google’s Earth application it’s possible to see, in real-time, all satellites currently orbiting the Earth.  You can even click on them to view specific info about each.  To access the information, which you can subsequently then bookmark and save within Google Earth, access the KMZ file here.  A KMZ/KML file is a special type of file used to access custom information integrated into the Earth application.

Interested in putting your business into Google Earth?  We offer a service to create custom KML files for your business including fly-bys of locations, logos and information overlayed onto the Earth and much more.

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