Chrome, Google's Upcoming Browser

Google's Comic about its Chrome browser by Scott McCloud
Google’s Comic about its Chrome browser by Scott McCloud

Google announced the existence of its new open source project: a web browser, dubbed Chrome, to compete with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera (and whatever else people are using to view the web these days).  It’s a crowded market and despite being Google, they’ll have to convince people to migrate and accustom themselves to yet another application.  I certainly think they have some nifty ideas for their new baby, especially the parts that treat and present web applications more like full-featured desktop applications.

So far, though, the coolest part is how they announced it, by commissioning Scott McCloud of Understanding Comics fame.  Scott is a pre-eminent authority on the medium of graphic novels and his books are required reading in college courses ranging from Composition to Film.  The 38-page book is available online and provides a fairly elegant means to see the upcoming browser and its features before it actually exists.

Google: First your search engine, now your browser; next your Operating System.

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