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Statistics from a Magazine Ad? Print Ads Shifting to Digital

There were an incredible amount of electronic paper devices – or ebook Readers – in 2009 although you probably wouldn’t realize it. You’ve probably heard of Amazon’s Kindle ebook reader and perhaps seen the new nook device in Barnes & Noble stores, and maybe you’ve seen the Sony ebook readers at Borders and Best Buys […]

Who's Viewing Your YouTube Video?

Not surprising, online videos are once again in the spotlight, but this time, the latest news is especially exciting from an analytical standpoint!  YouTube’s Insight Analytics is now offered through Google Analytics so you can actually see how your video is doing by tracking bounce rates, length of visits, page views and return visits – […]

Google to Disable Ability to Track Keywords?

A possible new update to the way Google displays search results might break all of your website tracking software and statistics – are you prepared? There’s been a backlash in the last couple of weeks against a possible update to the way Google displays search results and  Google has admitted to testing AJAX-formatted search results. […]

Google Releases More Keyword Data with New Tool

Google has released a new tool allowing for even more exploration of specific keyword information.  Google Insights for Search allows users to see search volume, seasonality, geographic distribution and much more for specific keyword phrases going back as far as 2004.  For anyone who’s ever needed to know weather it’s better to target one phrase […]

Learning About Your Customers Through YouTube

Recently, YouTube revealed a feature that allows anyone to view additional information about uploaded videos.  The feature, dubbed “Insight,” allows video owners to view demographic and activity data for any of their uploaded clips including statistics for views, where viewers came from, gender and age. As an online marketer, this is extremely useful information.  YouTube […]

The Value of Web Analytics in a Nutshell

Here’s a great quote about Web Analytics: Web Analytics is good at the ‘What.’ It is not good at the ‘Why.’ The ‘Why’ can only come from the customer. -Avinash Kaushik If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your website data or don’t even know where to start, it’s easier to keep things in this perspective as […]