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Search Marketing with YouTube

Recently, YouTube revealed a feature that allows anyone to view additional information about uploaded videos.  The feature, dubbed “Insight,” allows video owners to view demographic and activity data for any of their uploaded clips including statistics for views, where viewers came from, gender and age.

As an online marketer, this is extremely useful information.  YouTube videos can be a great way to expose your brand or service and knowing how well they’re performing is key.  Before Insight, the only concrete way to measure popularity for a video was to track the amount of comments it received.  This was often misleading.

As an example, a personal video I had uploaded two years ago had received only a couple of comments.  It was a pointless 5-second clip of a stick figure humorously falling that I had created on my PC.  After Insight became available I checked the statistics and what I saw surprised me: views of the video were dormant until May 17th of this year when they shot up, peaking to 30 views per day on June 21st!  The video is still receiving 10-25 views per day.

Here’s what the view tracking and demographics statistics sections of Insight looks like:

YouTube - Tracking Views

Here’s a screenshot of the geographic data Insight provides:

YouTube - Tracking Global Viewership

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