Who's Viewing Your YouTube Video?

Not surprising, online videos are once again in the spotlight, but this time, the latest news is especially exciting from an analytical standpoint!  YouTube’s Insight Analytics is now offered through Google Analytics so you can actually see how your video is doing by tracking bounce rates, length of visits, page views and return visits – Thanks Google! google-analytics-logo


And, there’s more … if your video is tailored to a specific target market, Google Analytics provides information on where the visitors that viewed your video are located geographically and what languages they speak (hum, I’m curious as to how they can actually detect a visitor’s specific language).

C|Net appropriately describes the YouTube analytics offerings as a way for a company to use this platform as “the world’s largest focus group” – if you want to know how a potential audience thinks about your video commercial or promotional content, viewers have the ability to rate the video and leave feedback via a comment section or private message.

Why wouldn’t a company want to track this valuable information – especially since April 2009 figures from Nielsen Online reported numbers for the overall video usage as approximately 119 billion unique viewers who watched seven trillion total streams during that month.  With these incredible numbers, is there any reason why a company hasn’t launched relevant, entertaining or informative videos on YouTube?

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