What's Your Strategy?

If you haven’t chosen your favorite Internet marketing tactic, now’s the time to give your opinion.  Lee Odden of Top Rank Blog is conducting a poll on which Internet marketing tactics are most favored for 2009.

It’s not surprising to see that blogging ranks as the number one tactic.  Hubspot asked 167 respondents and 75% said their blogging activities where “useful,” “important” and “critical” to their businesses’ survivability.

Interestingly enough, Twitter was a close second in the survey with Search Engine Optimization right behind.  Next comes social networking followed by social media monitoring and outreach.  With Twitter beating out Facebook, it could be a good indication that in the near future Twitter will replace Facebook as the #1 social site.

Depending upon your business, it can be a bit overwhelming to know just what tactics will work the best for your target market.  One thing for sure – don’t do nothing!  There are too many possibilities in the online environment where you can engage with your audience … however, remember that without a good strategy, you could make some strategic errors and wind up down the wrong road.


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