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What's Your Strategy?

If you haven’t chosen your favorite Internet marketing tactic, now’s the time to give your opinion.  Lee Odden of Top Rank Blog is conducting a poll on which Internet marketing tactics are most favored for 2009. It’s not surprising to see that blogging ranks as the number one tactic.  Hubspot asked 167 respondents and 75% […]

Total Connectivity?

One of the most fascinating and anticipated conventions of the year is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  Interestingly enough, the Associated Press commented that “absolutely every device in our lives is becoming a computer connected to the Internet.” Manufacturers are looking to embed computer chips with Internet connections into more and more unusual […]

Vote Now – No Registration Required

It’s not too late to vote for “Doodle 4 Google,” a nationwide competition that Google launched this past February.  From kindergarteners through high school seniors, Google asked for students to design a Google logo inspired by the question, “What If … ?”   The winner of the competition will have their artwork placed as the Google logo for a day as […]