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Engaging TV viewers online

A recent article on asks the provocative question, “do users really watch TV online?” The majority of reported research studies indicate that most viewing of video content on the computer, rather than the TV, can be considered video “snacking” – the watching of short clips, typified by the 3-5 minute spots found on YouTube. […]

Learning About Your Customers Through YouTube

Recently, YouTube revealed a feature that allows anyone to view additional information about uploaded videos.  The feature, dubbed “Insight,” allows video owners to view demographic and activity data for any of their uploaded clips including statistics for views, where viewers came from, gender and age. As an online marketer, this is extremely useful information.  YouTube […]

The Machine is Us/ing Us

[youtube][/youtube] This is from last year but I was just re-visiting it now and I still think it’s one of the best examples of the idea of “Web 2.0” or “Social Media” as we prefer to call it now. It also touches on the separation between content and format which is so essential to building […]