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Most Visited Websites Released by Google

Last Friday, before the big Memorial Day weekend, Google released its list of the 1,000 most-visited websites.  Guess who is the #1 website, reaching over 35% of internet users? It shouldn’t be a surprise to any business, Facebook has twice in the last several months seen more visitors than even Google, which is the […]

From the Obvious Dept: Inbound Marketing Costs Less

It should come as no big shock that a study has been released that illustrates the cost-effectiveness of inbound marketing channels.  What may not be immediately obvious: Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click advertising are only half the story – social media and blogs are the other two.  That makes it easy to determine […]

Ads are Alive and Well – Who Knew!

I can’t remember the last time I responded to display advertising on ad-supported websites, so I assumed that I was in the majority. Wrong! Forrester Consulting conducted a study from iProspect indicating that more than half of Internet users (52%) not only responded to display advertising on websites showing ads, but as many initially responded […]