Eric Newman

Eric NewmanProgramming since 2001, Eric has spent the last decade understanding how people use computers and solve everyday problems through the Internet. Eric wrote a working instant-messaging system called Triton; it allowed for multiple users, server-side buddy-lists, and more. He decided that his programming skills needed an artistic complement, and received a Bachelors of Art in Digital Media with minors in Computer Science and Secure Computing and Networks to keep his grounding in algorithmic design and computer network management. Eric is proficient in the newest web technologies: Apache, Windows Server, Unix Server, PHP5, mySQL, Javascript, Java, xHTML/HTML5, and CSS.

Since 2004, Eric has been known for his “FROM SCRATCH” design style—all websites of his are created with a blank canvas and a blank document in a text editor, to ensure all his clients receive a truly unique online experience that they can call their own. Eric’s creations go across many industries; his sites range from identity web sites for businesses to complete, dynamic social networks. Eric has a truly unique understanding of web design, as he has professionally created, installed and supported all pieces of the online experience: from building and installing network servers, setting and administering whole computer networks, designing accessible and beautiful user interfaces, and programming all the logic to make everything work. Eric is passionate about changing the way people communicate, interact, and exchange information over this new medium, and can’t wait to see how it evolves.