Save your money on Valentine's Day

Most of us have received unsolicited emails from online companies indicating they can get you on the first page of Google for a little amount of money no matter what the competitive pulse of your particular industry. Only because Valentine’s Day is a few days away, I thought this would be appropriate to showcase that […]

Keywords + Videos = More Visibility

We’re all familiar with pay-per-click advertising which is a gold mine for most major search engines … and, we all know that video is the latest and greatest Internet experience.  So, of course, this next advertising opportunity was bound to happen ~ According to a press conference held with YouTube this past week, they announced a […]

Is your website Cuil?

Ex-Googlers have just launched a new search engine called Cuil (“cool”) – and where did they come up with that wordB The name comes from a Gaelic word for “knowledge” which seems very appropriate for a search engine. Similar to what Google is touting, not surprisingly the founders say that Cuil “indexes the web more […]

Vote Now – No Registration Required

It’s not too late to vote for “Doodle 4 Google,” a nationwide competition that Google launched this past February.  From kindergarteners through high school seniors, Google asked for students to design a Google logo inspired by the question, “What If … ?”   The winner of the competition will have their artwork placed as the Google logo for a day as […]