Save your money on Valentine's Day

Most of us have received unsolicited emails from online companies indicating they can get you on the first page of Google for a little amount of money no matter what the competitive pulse of your particular industry.

Only because Valentine’s Day is a few days away, I thought this would be appropriate to showcase that some online marketing companies are still a bit unscrupulous in their advertising and placement guarantees.  


I wouldn’t recommend taking advantage of this promotion until you review the following comments:

1.    No company can guarantee a “small initial investment” of $750 to get on “the first page of Google.”  But wait, here’s the catch …


2.    For the keyword phrase “Valentine gifts” there are actually 40,200,000 search results on Google – note that the advertisement indicates “Google – Singapore!”  If you had a U.S. company that was promoting gifts for Valentine’s Day, why would you want to be positioned on Google Singapore?



More than ever, creating good online visibility doesn’t happen overnight unless, of course, you have an unlimited budget and then we still wouldn’t put all the funds in one particular campaign.

Send traditional gifts such as flowers, cards and candy for Valentine’s Day but save your online marketing budget for a more realistic promotion! 

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