Keywords + Videos = More Visibility

We’re all familiar with pay-per-click advertising which is a gold mine for most major search engines … and, we all know that video is the latest and greatest Internet experience.  So, of course, this next advertising opportunity was bound to happen ~

According to a press conference held with YouTube this past week, they announced a new ad platform called “Sponsored Videos!” How smart of Google (YouTube’s parent company) to take their existing business model for AdWords and morph it into videos.

Do you have a video that you’d like to get in front of your potential customers? Sponsored Videos will let you promote your video by bidding on keywords. Whether you are an individual or a company, you decide which one of your videos you’ve uploaded to YouTube you would like to promote through site search and then which keywords you want to target. And, just like AdWords, you can set a budget as to how much you want to spend on a keyword.

“What we’re trying to do here is bring the best parts of Google and the best parts of YouTube together,” said Matthew Liu, product manager for YouTube Sponsored Videos and I’m betting that they are going to succeed!

Sponsored Videos

Sponsored Videos

With Google’s shares down this week (below $300 for the first time in three years) … maybe it’s time to buy some stock!


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