Behavioral ads appeal to pay-per-click advertisers

As the use of the r word becomes increasingly prevalent in media reports about the domestic economy, the recently released state of the market survey report from SEMPO, the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, reveals that search engine advertisers value increasingly sophisticated targeting tactics.

The report reveals that four out of every five respondents are willing to increase their online advertising budget in order to add behavioral targeting to their pay-per-click campaigns.

Behavioral targeting delivers ads based on online users’ past search behavior and can help organizations reach users as they approach a buying decision, potentially leading to more conversions. For example, if you’ve recently been reviewing Orlando hotel websites as part of your vacation planning, but then go to a news website for local weather information, it’s possible to deliver an ad for an Orlando hotel to that news site based upon your earlier search criteria. Behavioral advertising targets ads based on your visits to topic-specific websites and subscriptions to these sites; your registration and user-generated profiles for chosen subjects, content and shopping categories also provide opportunities for advertisers to deliver behavioral ads.

As the domestic economic downturn focuses the minds of marketers everywhere, we’re going to be seeing more importance placed on maximizing return on advertising spend. The SEMPO report also reflects what we’ve been seeing for some time – traditional advertising budgets migrating online, with print dollars being diverted in order for organizations to engage in effective and measurable search strategies.


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