Microsoft's New Campaign – "P4S"

You’ve heard of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns, well Microsoft is introducing one that I will call “P4S” or Pay For Searching. Yes, they are trying to beat Google again by paying people to use their Live Search. For some reason, I’m having a hard time understanding that approach – instead of going to all that trouble, why don’t they just create better search results? If someone paid me to use their services, they better deliver a great service.

Apparently the “Live Search for Cashback” program gives the searchers a percentage when they use Live Search to find (and hopefully buy) certain retail items. Of course there is always a catch – you don’t receive payment until after 60 days just in case you might decide to return the items you purchased 🙂 Amazing – do you really think people would do that? Even though some of their retail partners include Office Depot, Sears and Home Depot, I’m still having a problem with this incentive. If it didn’t work for Microsoft before, why should it work now?

Based on our current situation, I’m think that a better offer would have been for Microsoft to partner with gasoline companies!


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