Apple’s Push to Redefine Mobile Advertising – The iPad and iAd Cometh

Steve Jobs Tablets from the MountAmidst the noise about a certain new device from Apple, you may have missed another bit of fruit-related news: iAd.  Apple is apparently going to be releasing a mobile advertising platform, most likely the results of its acquisition of Quattro Wireless (after a failed attempt at AdMob).  There aren’t many details known but some are speculating that there will be a location-based element to the targeting, allowing advertisers a nifty way to refine their ads to users on the go.  Supposedly we’ll know more on April 7th.

In related news, sales of smartphones (or “superphones” if you’re Google) are set to eclipse regular mobile phone sales (“feature” phones) sometime at the end of next year.  It seems mobile is set to become the battleground for the next surge in interactive advertising soon, perhaps fulfilling years of empty predictions.

2011: The year mobile advertising comes into its own?

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