Fear of Blogging!

Increasing your client base, boosting your company’s credibility and telling people (and potential clients) about your business is what blogging is all about … however, there are companies out there that are blogging-challenged and very afraid of jumping into the blog world.

For instance, you might say “what in the world should I write about?” Well, who knows your business better than you!  Write about what’s happening in your industry, discuss your business, do case studies of client’s that you’ve helped – the topics are endless.

However, don’t forget that business blogs must be professional above all else.  Discrediting a competitor is not the place to air these types of comments.  It is important to share lessons and even focus on the positive in the negatives.

Of course, blogging should be a long-term commitment (although that word scares most people) so don’t be afraid that you might run out of ideas – never fear, ideas will come to you even if you do have temporary writer’s block.

Don’t forget that blogging doesn’t assure that you’ll start getting traffic and search engines will start to notice you.  You’ll need to start interacting on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook – posting interesting comments will engage others which will encourage them to check out your site.  You need to be present and active in order to drive traffic!

Are you afraid you won’t have the time to blog?  Well, not a problem – choose a posting frequency that fits into your schedule.  You can even consider using someone to outsource some of the writing posts if you have some extra funds.

Any investment of time and efforts into proven marketing strategies can only help build your business and create new (and engaged) customers.  So just be fearless and blog on!

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