Are You Prepared for the Rise of Mobile Internet Users in 2013?

This is an interesting bit of information coming out of a report from eMarketer – by the year 2013, 43% of global mobile Internet users (607.5 million people worldwide) will be accessing social networks from their mobile devices!

“In the US, mobile social networkers will total 56.2 million by 2013 and will account for nearly half (45%) of the mobile Internet population,” says eMarketer.

This is exciting and impressive, however, the real question will be how can marketers use the social networks to reach and engage their target audience?  Who are the mobile social networkers and do they include the right consumers that are interacting with your brand through this medium?

Well if you’re interested in finding out the answers to these questions, you’ll need to come up with $695 in order to access the report  – no doubt, depending upon your product/service it might be a worthwhile exercise.

Be sure and let us know what you find out 🙂

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