It's Time to Tweak Your Tweets

tweetIf you’re a tweeter you should be interested in this news.  It’s official – Google has reached an agreement with Twitter to show tweets in their search results

How do you accomplish this?  Unfortunately because this agreement was just recently announced between Google and Twitter, there isn’t much data from a search engine optimization standpoint.  As always, trial and error seems to be the key and, more importantly, relevancy and a website’s ‘authority’ are critical components as well to Google.  Google

How do you gain relevancy and authority within your Twitter profile and your tweets?  The same guidelines apply in your tweets as apply in optimizing copy on your website.  Use your desired keywords throughout your Twitter profile page and tweet content; build up followers (in-bound links); generate in-bound links via other sources to improve the authority of your profile; and, encourage others to share your Twitter content.

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