How Do Users Control Your Online Message?

This is not a new subject and we need to give credit to many companies who are attempting to understand it although the acceptance factor for some is still a bit foreign and uncomfortable.  It’s not about them any more, it’s about the consumer who’s also known as aka “the user.”

Are you thinking about what happens to the message when you or your marketing team distribute it online?  Will your intended audience watch the video, read the new information on the company’s Facebook, forward to a friend, save it or tweet about it?  Of course the worst that could happen is that you miss the mark all together and the user deletes it, ignores or skips it! Users have the ability to watch you, talk about you or talk with you – they can share what they like and dislike with their online friends, communities/blogs who are like-minded.

Word of Mouth

It’s critical to always ask yourself what type of video or message are you sending and, what does your potential visitor/user want or expect from the message?  If you know the answer to that question and understand how best to deliver it in order to get them to the next step in your sales conversion process (whether it’s signing up for a newsletter, opting in to receive additional information, etc.) then you definitely have a great understanding of how to communicate and engage the user.

Never forget that most of the time when a potential customer looks at your website, views a video or reads your company post on Facebook or LinkedIn it’s because they are looking for information that is important to them. If it hits the mark, then that user will hopefully continue to be interested in what you have to say.  Although, let’s not forget the ultimate goal which is to have those users be your messenger and  spread it to others via word of mouth!

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