Where Are Your Advertising Dollars?

Although we’re obviously heavily involved in the business of Interactive marketing and advertising, it’s not too hard to convince our clients where to put their advertising dollars in order to reach their target market … nine times out of ten their customers and clients are online!

eMarketer  just released a report from Myers Publishing  estimating that  2009 will be the first year that ad spending online is greater than local and national television spots.  It’s really not too surprising to see their predictions that by 2011 and 2012 online advertising will surpass both newspapers and local and national TV. Video and social network spending alone is projected to post the fastest growth rates, followed by search.

Just take a look at the information below and ask yourself the following questions – where does your company’s advertising dollars fall in this overview?  Are you getting a good return on your current advertising and marketing investments?   Do you know where your competitors are advertising?   It might be time to plan for the future (which is now).

US Advertising Spending Share by Media 2007_2012

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