How to Attract Visitors to your Website!

We all know the simple answer to that question – right? Banner ads, email offers or sponsored links!  Well, guess again …

According to ARAnet and based on polling by Opinion Research Corporation , the best way to accomplish visitors following your brand or getting them to your website may not be those particular advertising tactics.

Articles that include brand information were the most likely source leading US users to read and act.  A compelling written article that is informative and engaging to the target market can be one of the most effective, most natural ways in which to get the word out . 


We all know that people are turning to the Internet to find credible information for a product or service and, because of that, consumers are chipping away at a marketer’s ability to influence a mass audience. 

So what’s the answer to influence your potential target market online without pushing your marketing/advertising message on them?  Maybe it’s time to start writing informative, relevant articles. 


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