Why Advertise Online? It's Where The Consumers Are!

Still wondering if your company should be moving their traditional advertising dollars to the Internet?  Everyone is familiar with the products Lysol, Clearsil, French’s Mustard and Mucinex, to name a few.  The company who owns these brands, Reckitt-Benckiser, has taken $20 million in advertising away from TV and will be investing that money in online advertising (up from $1 million in online spending in 2008).  Do you think there is a message here? 

Why the big shift?  It was the need to improve to CPM which relates to the cost per thousand page impressions in online advertising.  The company and their advertising agency knew they had to deliver impressions more efficiently than television did so …  

They will be boosting the effectiveness of their TV campaigns by using online video with video ad networks such as Glam, Tidal TV, YuMe and Brightroll, rather than broadcaster-owned sites like Hulu or TV.com.  

Online video is indeed a major opportunity for some companies because the consumer is online and they are watching videos!  The following comment by the company’s media manager and Internet specialist, Marc Fonzsetti, pretty much says it all:

“The integration of traditional and digital media is here now,” says Fonzsetti. While YouTube started the revolution, Reckitt-Benckiser wants to be aligned with professional content.  R-B will measure the campaign by combining TV’s gross rating points with the web, along with elements like online coupons and clickthroughs at some of the brands’ microsites.  Each brand’s audience metrics will then be paired with data from Nielsen’s Homescan panel.




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